Opening Times Helpdesk FS22 & Cleaning Schedule

On the Spring Semester of 2022 the Helpdesk will be open three days a week. Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday the Helpdesk can be attended from 17:00 – 19:00 in the G60.1 Room.

Also, to keep the 3D Lab clean we have created a cleaning schedule where each group has responsibility for one week in the semester. You can find it here below.

HYTAC Helpdesk Returns back to Campus

In the Autumn Semester of 2021 the Helpdesk can finally return back to the Campus and will be found again in the G60.1 Room right next to the Chair of the Prof. Deplazes. Nonetheless, the zoom link will be online as well during the official opening times for students who want to contact the Helpdesk remotely.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus!


The 3D LAB is closed until the end of spring semester 2020 due to the Coronavirus.

The HELPDESK will still be held but via the Zoom application. Check the Helpdesk Page to find out how to reach us.

Grand Opening Sept 30th at 16:00


The ETH Zürich, represented by the Rector Prof. Dr. Sarah Springmann and the Department of Architecture, represented by the Dean Prof. Christoph Girot will inaugurate the newly built 3D Printing Laboratory on the H-Terrace of the HIL Building.

Invitation Only
Event starts at 15:30
Apero at 17:00

Construction of the 3DLAB begins

Today marks the beginning at the building site with the montage of the supporting structure and the placement of the raw wooden modules.

The machines are here

Thanks to the donation of the Adrien Weiss Foundation, 100 3D printers were bought to be used by the Department of Architecture of the ETH Zürich.